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Firefighter: a person who fights fires is the defintion in websters dictionary. A firefighter today does much more than inspect a smoke alarm or rescue a kitten out of a tree.
A professional firefighter is a full time job that requires great skills and physical strength in return these men and women who fight our fires are community heros.
Today firefighters respond to  building fires, forest fires, a car accident with a fuel spill, chemical leaks, explosions and other dangerous events.  The firefighters risk their lives to save ours and are exposed to high heat, fire flames, poisons, weather conditions and  explosive gases. A firefighter has to be healthy and in very good physical condition. They have to carry the firefighter gear, pull on the fire hoses, use axes and chainsaws and jump on and off the fire trucks. The firefighters also have to be an emt and often save lives of those who have been hurt in a fire.
There are many types of firefighters not just the guys and girls working in a big city fire department, there are forest fire firefighters, volunteer in a small town fire dept. airport fire department, our military firefighters, chemical plant fire crews 
You many have a dad, brother, uncle, boyfriend, grandfather, husband, a neighbor or a friend who is a firefighter but we also have to say thanks to our lady firefighters. There are now many female firefighters that have joined the local fire department so you may have a mother, aunt, sister or wife who we need to say thanks to. 
There are many types of firefighting jobs. When they join the fire department they will be a probationary firefighter for 1 year while they are being trained to become a fire fighter. Once they become a firefighter they will operate the rescue tools and fight fires and particiapate in search and rescue.  You have a driver engineer that drives the fire truck operates the fire pump and aerial ladder.  The lieutenant is the officer that supervises the daily operation.  The fire captain is over the fire station and crew. The bc battalion fire chief is the highest ranking officer on duty. The assistant fire chief manages the operations division handling administrative and operational functions. The fire chief is the head of the fire department.
We all need to say thank you to our firefighters. If you do not know a fire fighter personally you can still buy a cheap gift for a firefighter and drop it by the fire station. The fire crew will enjoy it for sure.
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If you are looking for the best gift for a firefighter you can buy personalized firefighter gifts. Firefighter personalized gifts will have the fireman's name engraved on the gift. The firefighters gifts with firefighter badge number on it makes unique gifts for firefighters.
You can give firefighting gifts to a new firefighter who just graduated the fire academy or to a long time firefighter who is ready to retire. There are a lot of nice retired firefighter git ideas and firefighter graduation gifts.
We all need to worry about the firemen who fight house fires or any fire.  One of the best gifts for firefighters is the firefighter's prayer plaque.

Firefighter's Prayer Poem reads:  
When I am called to duty, God
Wherever flames may rage,
Give me strength to save some life
Whatever be its age.

Help me embrace a little child
Before it is too late,
Or save an older person from  
The horror of the fate.

Enable me to be alert and
Hear the weakest shout,
And quickly and efficiently
To put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling and
to give the best in me,
To guard my every neighbor
And protect their property.

And if according to your will
I have to lose my life,
Please bless with your protecting hand
My children and my wife.

You will be able to add your own message at the bottom of the firefighters poem to make it a unique personalized fireman gift.
Personalize this poem by adding a message and the firefighter's name and badge number for a great gift for a firefighter.
A personalized firefighter picture frame makes good firefighter gifts for women or men. We can engrave the firefighter's rank, name and the name of the fire department.
If you need to buy a firefighter retirement gift you can buy a firefighter sculpture.  They are hand crafted and detailed. They celebrate the commitment to courage that all firefighters show. The Jim Shore firefighter figurine is a firefighter and a dalmatian dog. This firefighter collectible is a highly detailed  gift for a fireman. The personalized firefighter keepsake in the shape of a flame can be engraved with any 2 line message. The fire chief can put this custom firefighter gift on his desk or the lady firefighter can display it proudly at her home or wherever she wants.
One of the best firefighter gift ideas for a fireman who is interested in firefighter history and the tradition of the firehouse is the firefighter's tribute sculpture collection from bradford exchange. Each issue of pride, honor and tradition has a firehouse section and fire trucks and figurines from modern day firefighters back to the 1800's including the 1900's, 1920's, 1930's, 1950's and 1970's showing the firetrucks and firefighter uniforms used during that time in firefighting history.
Other home decor gift ideas for a firefigher are the fire department clock, fire dept. bookends, fire fighter gear pen holder & the fire captain action figurine giving orders to the fire crew.
If you are looking for cool gifts for firefighters the firefighters at work sculpture is one of the most unique gifts for a firefighter.  It is made from used auto parts.
We have firefighter wall art - a  wall tapestry firefighter shield,  united we stand fireman's prayer framed color photograph of the 911 new york firefighters at ground zero which makes nice wall decor for the station.
If you need firefighter gifts for her or a gift for firefighter boyfriend there is a nice selection of throw blankets and afghans with the firefighter's prayer, the fire fighter shield and firefighters in action.
Firefighter retirement gift ideas are a firefighter wine bottle holder or a firefighter neon sign. Vintage firefighter tin signs or a fire dept neon sign also make great firefighter retirement gifts.
If you are looking for firefighter wedding gifts things for the home with a firefighter theme are cool firefighter gifts. Ideas are the wrought iron fireman key holder, dart board cabinet, pub table, bar stools and portable bar with the fire department shield are ready to buy and ship. Outdoor firefighter gifts - the handmade firefighter weathervane and a fire department real heros outdoor thermometer.
Women firefighter or men firefighter gifts for the kitchen can be cheap gifts for firefighters if you are on a budget. You can buy novelty salt and pepper shaker sets of a dalmatian wearing a fire helmet sitting next to a fire hydrant or a fireman and a dalmatian salt & pepper set.  Fire truck salt and pepper shakers and a fire truck cookie jar are for sale as well.
Firefighter gift baskets are great gifts for firefighters because you can put many things in it that they will enjoy such as the defender series fire fighter pocket knife, a personalized zippo lighter that can be engraved, or a firefighter money clip.
For the fireman's safety you can buy them a st. florian coin or engravable keychain. Who is the patron saint of firefighters It is Saint Florian. Religious firefighters will feel safe with a saint florian gift in their pocket.
Firefighter car gifts are a firefighter license plate frame, the  support our firefighters magnetic car ribbon or a st florian visor clip for their driving safety
A Father's day gift for firefighter can be a firefighter belt buckle or a personalized firefighter coffee mug.
Need a christmas gift for firefighter buy a firefighter calendar to start the new year. The woman firefighter will enjoy the nypd firefighter calendar.
A cheap gift for firefighter
is a lapel pin shaped like a fire truck pumper or hook and ladder truck.
Firefighter theme gifts make good gift ideas for a firefighter whether it is retired firefighter gifts, for volunteer firefighter gifts, firefighter baby gifts, firefighter gag gifts, firefighter gifts for kids, fireman graduation gifts, birthday gift for firefighter,
valentine gift for firefighter, christmas gifts for firefighters, if it is a my dad is a fireman gift, firefighter gifts for the home, firefighter wedding ideas, firefighter man cave gifts, firefighter girlfriend gifts, it can be a firefighter gift basket, firefighter patron saint gifts, firefighter jewelry, a  firefighter shirt, firefighter prayer gifts, firefighter wife gift, retirement gifts for firefighters you will be able to find firefighters gifts here.
Firefighter apparel can be the funny firefighter shirts, firefighter wife shirts which both have funny sayings printed on the firefighter t-shirt like: my job is to save your ass not kiss it or the firefighter job shirts saying real women love firefighters the rest marry cops. A firefighter hoodie is also available for firefighter gifts ideas.
If you are wanting a traditional gift ideas for firefighters personalized garment bags, toiletry bags and monogrammed
cooler bags are good gift ideas for firefighters. They also make a good gift idea for firefighter graduation or a retirement gift for firefighter.

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